Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


@ Josh,
Any attorney would tell you do NOT stop registering until you get it in writing. On Feb 7th, NATSOL sponsored a teleconference with 2 Attorney’s who said the same thing: Stay current, wait for the letter from PSP. This is because until they send you a letter, they haven’t made the changes to your file. When dealing with any legal matter, always, and I mean always get it in writing. When I register at PSP, I always read the print out before I sign it. When I first started on the registry, I went down to PSP to update my car info. The trooper made a mistake and it wasn’t saved aka he didn’t update the info but he thought he did. When the US Marshal came around to verify, they tried to say I was not in compliance. Because I had my receipt to show when I went in, and it wasn’t my annual date, and nothing else was changed, the DA had to throw out the case. However, I had to hire a lawyer and get booked.

When it comes to your freedom, DO NOT take the risk, stay compliant until you get it in writing. It’s not that the info was inaccurate, it’s just they can bite you in the butt until they process the changes in your file. Also, they can arrest you because the sky is blue if they wanted to. The judge would kick the case, but you are sitting in jail until it is.  The Judge that made the the Court decisions isn’t going to come to your house and say to the police, I forbid you from arresting this man.  A silly example, but you get the point.