Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


terry brunson

I believe the PSP is not the problem in the delay process this is am election season it is the Pa. Assembly that the problem.

PSP wants to do what the Law says. In the near future the lower courts and the DA’s across the Commonwealth will be mixed up on who is under what ML Law. SORNA wjill be applied to an ACT 10 offender by accident and that will throw out the case and it will happen so much that the DA’s and lower court will not touch Act 10 people for fear of embarrassment of not understanding the law. Act 10 and SORNA are two different laws – One is a Muniz fix for pre-SORNA people and the other is SORNA. To mix them would be error of prosecution and the case will be dismissed or appealed to show that the Pa. Assembly did not do a good job clearifying the ACT 10 law.

You all will see. That is what Mr. Marcus was trying to tell the PA Senate. They did not hear him.