Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


@ Dave
I found your information by working backward. Megan’s Law III only had 2 timeframes, which were either 10 years or life. When SORNA came into effect, ALL 10-year offenses became 15-year offenses. So as we can see, your charge is NOT listed, which means your offense was a lifetime registration offense. So the Judge was correct.

Some professional licenses you can obtain with a felony. Not all, however, for example, you cannot be an attorney with a felony record. I mention this because with a professional license you can still have a decent living and typically children in the workplace isn’t a concern for workplaces where you need a professional license which means you can get hired being a sex offender.
I am currently going to school to obtain my CPA License. If you have a record you have to ask for permission to take the exam and then again when you apply for your license after obtaining the 2 years worth of experience you need to be licensed.

Once I obtain my CPA License, I plan on applying for a Pardon. I was arrested in 2008 and convicted in 2010. By 2025, I should have enough time being crime free to apply for the Pardon. It takes 6 years after you apply to get a hearing.