Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian – The time for Mandamus was pre-Act 10 before the Governor the bill into law.

Act 10 is the law’s name.
No one is under it yet. It is a law primarily to Kill Muniz -decision as a fix to erase all punitive elements away from the pre-SORNA people so they won’t threaten suit against the PSP.

In your case when the PSP get to your file and remove you – you have not more time remaining to do on the registry. Your only draw back now is the wait. The PSP has been given orders from the PAG to take reasonable time to data trace all Per-SORNA people – There are over 10,000 records to look through. The PSP told the Pa. Judicial Committee that they need 9 to 18 moths for the data trace.
You are caught in that data trace. Sorry. If I were you the best thing to do is to wait it out. Comply with your update and look forward. Please don’t waste money on a lawyer.

A mandamus is a writ that commands a government agency to act in compliance with the law. The Time to be in compliance to MUNIZ is over since ACT 10 is in law now. There are two ML in Pa. 1 SORNA and ACT 10 H and I

when you are removed you will be done. The PSP will never bother you with ACT 10 requirement. You cannot mandamus the PSP to hurry up and get to you. The time for that was Before the attack on MUNIZ – decision. That time is pass not.

Brian be patient Chuck said it best – good things comes to those that wait. You do not need a lawyer it is only going to be a waste of money and when they get to you the case will be mooted and your money gone. Please try to stand still and wait it out.