Reply To: NARSOL opposes CA Dep’t of Corrections’ blanket exclusion of sex offenders


I like that art but correction can be a bit too much power. And yes it tends to make some perfect. I guess its like we are in war with each other in today’s world. Now I’ve spent some time little time in jail but prison isn’t good. California seems to have a no holds bar on human’s and a control that is against a lot of the good book if you ask me.

I’m in one of the original 13 colonies and it seems law is above a lot of authority with this way’s means and measures. If you read roman’s 13 good you will find some things we all seem to miss that can help the sex offender situation out.

Hey I just might have to use that saying “must be nice to be perfect with my PO sometime”. I couldn’t be a corrections officer or anything in police force. Its like the Green Brea’s going bad at peace time but when is peace time?