Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Terry Brunson
That’s great, I saw someone on the other site freakin out about Gundy and thinking it could affect others, maybe he’s in a situation where he would be affected by the decision or in the same circuit. I did t bother to pay attention to that.
The PAG is really worrying about you Terry, maybe they will offer you a couple million bucks to keep you quit lol, I understand your fight and I understand why your not giving up, I give you props for that my man, and again we should have listened when you told us to mandamus, I would have been off by now but now I have to use my attorney to get me off, that don’t sound right, anyway I think there is something blocking me from the other state I came from that’s holing my registration release up or myabe not, got a call from my attorney Tuesday to set up another meeting so hope he has some good news from the DA’s office.