Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


Actually if all of us use our brain power a lot of these sex ordeals would be desolved. Its pretty tought on those ones that are a bit disable or are frighten of this “boogy man” industry if one would want to call it that. Sure law and order has its purpose but “questions” always arise.

Its like a prank with some authority attached to it, but in actuallity who are they protecting at the time or are they some phantom of the opera to enforce something that one assumes . Anyone can induce a person with a mind inducment if thats the case but nobody can force one to come down to their level. When that detective said to me, if you weren’t gonna come down here we wree gonna come and get you, even after I got a phone call saying are you still coming and wanted to back down and they reinduced me as why we are meeting at the park what could happen. Yes there is situations like this and thats when decisions come in and than the biblecal law need to come into play. Of course today I doubt if enfocement even regard biblical law and yet they are ordained, go figure.

We all can look at how much this has cost us in dollars but thats sometimes not really the point. Yes I feel sorry for those that are homeless because of this have lost jobs, self-worth and a bit of there diginty so yes we all need decision making and also others to write letters and sound the word. I think a lot of us have said on here ” I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it”. Never give up your freedom and fight for true Justice.