Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


Power to the people right on, and I do really appreciate Bobby and Jack for this good news as those were some difficult years. Yes, I hate to say this but my dad was a banker during the depression years, sure nobody much liked bankers during those years but anyway he uses to tell me story’s about those years and those was some dark hours.

We also had Churchill and trying to understand the II World war but Roosevelt was a great president during those years of this depression era. Today we all have sort of a depression with this sex offender issue. Sure we all face things we don’t like and NARSOL and all of us can help out with this endeavor we all are under. Now justice is a good cause but truth is even a better factor I’m sure Sandy and all the advocates for this issue have to commend positive decisions and results to help thers. My hat’s really off to all you guys on here.