Reply To: NARSOL asks CA Dept. of Correction to cease sex offender discrimination


Jay Saunders

Why cant we just sue the @#$* out of the Uncle Sam?!! No, but really? I was give 5 years probation 25 years ago. It was a minor thing. Did the probation, and worked super hard the next 25 years on going to school and working my way up the ladder. Then 2016 came around. I was living in Vietnam with my wife and 5 year son. I went to get me a new visa and I was denied. I have been living there for 8 years! They made me leave and split the family up. I lost my job and my wife and son on the same day. Its been two years since I’ve seen them!!!!
So someone please point me in the right direction!! I’m not upset anymore!! I’m pissed and want to fight back!!!!