Reply To: NARSOL asks CA Dept. of Correction to cease sex offender discrimination


First off in California Registration is for Life regardless of the crime. So we need to start there. A freshly convicted Violent Predator in a Prison is the kiss of death. States will never be willing to segregate prisoners from the crimes they have been convicted off unless they are special high profile crimes. On a recent episode of “LOCKUP” (MSNBC) a man convicted of numerous Sex Crimes became the inmate preacher. So its possible to turn your life around even behind bars. In my case I was (1992) required to wear a choker that identified myself as a molester even though no living child was involved in my case. They the CO’s wanted me to feel the wrath of god. So that is what I mean by the kiss of death. A sex offender in the general population of any prison is going to feel uncomfortable for the duration of their sentence. There is no way to explain the stress of this fact. Protective rights are gone when you are convicted of a Felony and sentenced to a long Term in a State or Federal Facility. You can only rely upon your instinct for that lost protection. JEV