Reply To: NARSOL asks CA Dept. of Correction to cease sex offender discrimination

NH Registrant

I spent 3 years in prison being used as HUMAN BAIT. The guards had control of who went where. I was continually put in rooms with people KNOWN to be hostile toward people with sex charges. And it wasn’t just myself, they did it to most of the people with sex crimes who had short bids. They knew those people wouldn’t fight back and would most likely tell on their bully roommates if coaxed enough. So, they used us as human bait to get the repeat customers of the prison to stay longer. It was economically a sound decision for them to make. It gave the guards job security and kept the prison rolling in taxpayer funds. It’s disgusting and despicable and barely anyone in the general public notices or cares. Prisons are very skilled at controlling what the public knows about what ACTUALLY goes on behind those walls. There were people beaten to death, stabbed, died from neglect – just in my short 3 year bid! Only a couple times did it get out to the media. I once saw the guards beat a man nearly to death on concrete stairs leading up to the chow hall because he slipped and stumbled (he was heavily chained). They all went nuts as if a switch was thrown in their collective psychopathic minds and it became a flurry of punches and kicks! It was horrifying to witness and it took me many years after being out to stop having nightmares several times a week from what I experienced “on the inside”.

So, with all that in mind, people can make whatever suggestions they want. They can beg and plead. They can try to form legislation and take legal action. But, it doesn’t matter. Behind those walls is a different world. They may agree PUBLICLY to comply. But, NO ONE is holding them to account behind the walls in their compliance. We were treated worse than animals. We were treated as bait and punching bags for a bunch of men wearing badges. Sorry to be so pessimistic. But, I lived this horror. I saw legislation come and go. I saw the state government appease people – only to have NO ONE enforce the rules behind the razor wire and concrete. The ones in charge on the inside of those walls are going to do what they want – no matter what.