Reply To: NARSOL asks CA Dept. of Correction to cease sex offender discrimination


I’m sorry people I’m using my Duracell batteries by posting so much but this whole Sex offender and punishment faze seems so out of character. Sure I agree in protecting and serving and yes I believe in justice but true justice not some watered down justice. There is good and bad in everything we as human’s do under the sun.

This CDCR issue is a much for those that have to put up with. Not being able to stay over which is a bit going overboard since the person has already done his prison time and one comes out of prison has some extra surprise and stipulations. How can one say that is justice or is it an over extension of an unjust law that congress came up with or was it the people. It seems those in office don’t want to be burdened with anything. Its like you voted for us and “We” make the rules and we punish or extend additional regulations and punishment.

Talk about a “thorn in the flesh” That’s like coming out of Jail for a drunk driving charge and saying .. oh by the way you can’t ” burn rubber” driving down the road as it may offend someone,. Now where does responsibility come in?

Hey surprise, and believe me life is full of surprise’s but that sort of takes the cake. I would be upset and I’m sure anybody would but its like we on the sex offender are leaper’s in all this madness as that is going against true justice and man made justice is not a true justice so that’s why we all fight for rights not only in this cause but other causes.