Reply To: NARSOL rocks Cleveland for its tenth annual conference, June 8-10


Believe it or not people this event sounds very good ” The road to independence” and it has a nice ring to it as well. Yes we all in this situation need independance isn’t that why T. Jefferson whote the decearlation of the Independance but there is small difference and sure we as sex offenders seem to be in a catorgy by itself. I just wish I could be there but I’m in Virginia but this issue does effect us all.
Sure I wouldn’t mind being involved in an event like this. I’m sure everyone will be impressed with this event that is involved in some aspect isn’t helping others what its all about. While we as sex offenders at times can’t throw off the stigma of this or are discriminated in a lot of ways by this whole ordeal change needs to happen and not only to these sex offender law’s but make Bring back America again. I believe someone said that in a campaign at one time.
True Justice is true justice.I would like to be there to listen to what Paul Dubbling has to say as my court appointed PA didn’t know what to do in my case and just thru up his hands, and I really didn’t want to pled guilty as we all have to fight for rights and truth. They wind up offering me a plea deal. I even believe that was sort of lame. Here one can get 6 month for a Drunk driving charge and than for being on the internet just giving a potty story 10 yrs. probation doesn’t really make much sense. We are all scared at these ordeal that seem a bit induced if that’s the right word to say.
You all that can attend enjoy this happening event as it will be education and worth it.