Reply To: NARSOL opposes CA Dep’t of Corrections’ blanket exclusion of sex offenders


I have to appreciate Peter’s letter to the CDCR as standing up and voicing out is very good for those that advocate on this sex issue. Believe it or not in all states it seems that government and laws go a bit to far. Sure saving lives is good but as I have mentioned it is all about the individuals personal responsiblity and one’s conscious.
Now don’t get me wrong a bit of punishment is good or should we just law it aside as it never really happened. Its the methods they use that seem to boggle the styme the mind and also one has to meansure in christian factors which a lot of states seem to ignore or do we all have a guilty conscious.
Isnt’ the main thing for any concretion establishment that their clients succeed or is that a pipe dream and not reality. Its as if the devil went down to Georgia in a govermental twist.
Now folks I’m no poster child for sainthood but for principals which is what things should be about in this day and age. Even I could never understand some of these code’s and numbers associated with these things but it seems that if the common people knew the reall issues behind a lot of these law’s they would really fume up a storm. What do you think the Berekley riots were all about in the 60’sand here one has this type of issue to deal with.