Reply To: Lenore Skenazy – You may be a sex offender if…


@B. Webb. You know while people that advocate for the sex offender sometimes go in circles since sex seems to involve all phases of sexual desires and status of people. Sure its a shame about a lot of these ordeals even you son and this porn ordeal.
We all face different dilemma’s in this ordeal but I wonder what the key is in todays society. Now they say money is the root to all evil or the love of money. Yes safety is also good for all but principals are factors also.
Who gave those porno companies rights to make these films… government did as they make money off of those porn films and things of that nature. Now when I was caught up in my ordeal they took my computer and examined it.. I didn’t know anything about it but they told me it came up cleaned.
All of it boils is another charge they want to snag onto another. Don’t you think business men look at adult porn or whatever porn they call it now. While to each their own this sex offender ordeal is a bit out of balance.
The internet should have warnings about kids looking at porn even adults if that’s the case. Now adult porn I don’t believe they have any problem with it as long as the government makes that money.
Now I know Lenore seems to have a different cause to protect children which is good. Of course I don’t want to have to change someone’s dirty diapers in this day and age as they might have a law come out that only women can change diapers if it comes down to that. In other words a lot of this whole mess is greed and police seem to go above a lot of things…. just my thoughts about a lot of this ordeal.