Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



Hi guys,
My attorney called me last night. We have been trying to get post conviction relief since My time is finished. The judge informed my lawyer yesterday that PSP informed him that they are in the process of review so therefore an order from the court was unecesssry. My lawyer brought up the fact that PSP doesn’t seem like they are in a hurry. The judge said we have to give them a reasonable amount of time before asking him to step in.

What is a reasonable amount of time? To me, a reasonable amount of time would of been 30 days. It’s been more than 60 days. It’s like they have this system in place to cover their arses just in case they lost in court. Oh we lost? No problem, we will just delay by filing an appeal, so we can create a new law. Still need more time? No Problem, just tell everyone we are in the process of review. Surely you can’t expect us to comply quickly with a court order we disagree with!!

I asked my lawyer could we sue to have the registry taken down. He said it would be a long shot, but even if we won, the appeal process would take longer than for them to review everyone. So it is a catch 22. Yes, we won the Muniz case,but trying to force them to move quicker would take longer then if you just wait.

I may seek another attorney. I cannot believe PSP can just take their sweet time. I can understand if you have time outstanding, but if you are done, why are they taking their sweet time. If something happens, they can say we had no choice the Judge told us to do it.