Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

I speak much about the problem – I want to go on record with a solution that not even the head thinkers in the Pa. Assemble have thought of that would fix the Muniz – decision.

Give pre-SORNA sex offenders a form to fill out that would go to the PAG office for exclusion from the PSP web site – yet agree to registry with PAG authorities who would only be the ones with access to SO’s information.

You would then take the PSP off the hook as the fall guy to bring suit against. It would be the PAG that would manage Pre-SORNA people for a limited time until the SO’s time is up on the registry.

The only draw back with this is the SO has to fill out the form for PSP web site exclusion, and be willing to registered with the PAG in non-opposition to Ex post Facto and due process rules. It is like they are giving something for the RSO’s cooperation. They do it in plea deals…. You have to give up rights to your appeal. Here you get off the PSP web site and you agree not to seek judicial determination if you still have time left to do on the registry. Lifetimes and SVP pre -Sorna people can apply to come off this every five years after the frist 10 years done on the registry to PAG office.