Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Terry Brunson
All we have to do is get to PASC, like you said right here.

Cases like Muniz – Reed – Nieman – Butler – Ray J.B. – are in the way of the Pa. Assembly. The Pa. Assembly re-wrote ML two and took out all the punitive stuff and hope that the PASC will look at the New law as Civil in nature with no punishment in it.
But the PASC will ask one question – “What will happen to people that violate this new law?”
If the answer is -JAIL TIME- that makes the law criminal
If people wouldn’t go to jail for not complying then we would’ve said I’m not registering but like you said, we will be locked up if we don’t comply thus (PUNITIVE). Terry we just have to get to PASC.