Reply To: Are we getting the biggest bang for our sexual offense prevention dollars?


@Rajendra actually this is an interesting article as myself I believe a lot of this registry is a bunch of hockey puck. Are we not all carnal by nature? Now that pie chart or graph chart is like a measuring device to measure the sex offense percentages.
We could go with a chart of gun killings or abortions,homosexuals, or lesbians. Oops maybe I should not say that in this day and age as that might be wrong in todays society, or if their is more people going to church today or any number of things. Oh I forgot we can’t go to church without a chaperone or things of that nature. That sort of breaks down free will if one wants to look at it that way.. Sure NARSOL has very interesting articles and topics on here of various natures pertaining to the sex offender plight.
Its sometimes appears that the United States is more of a police state on Sex offenders, internet control, and undercover tactic’s than real (flat foot policing). Sure nobody likes to have a shadow on their back and there is nothing wrong with being honest about situations. Here they are trying to trip one up on the internet by pretending to be teenagers. If everybody was model citizens their would be no gun killings, sexual abuse to others, even no divorces, that is if everybody followed the golden rule so you do the best you can in this life.
Sure we all learned Stranger Danger rules in school but it seems police have learned how to take that and make lots of money out if it thru this internet device if one isn’t responsible for themselves , but how much responsibility do you have to have when someone is trying to con one into all this game of chance to see if I can get that one to come down and meet. That’s when one’s enter since takes over. If one hears and listens carefully they can since what’s going on.
See the thing about police is their not responsible for there moral actions. A lot of this sex offender stuff is out of balance as is the justice system if one really wants to take a good look at it. Sure gun’s are good for protection and only for protection and not running amuck and killing others. I wonder if one can kill someone via an internet with these sex offender undercover stings. And the bottom line is killing is no good in any form.