Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Hi Dave,
He is probably waiting for PSP to get their review finished. No point taking you off if PSP is going to put you right back on. If I was the judge, I would tell PSP you have known since July this could be an option, now you have to go chase then if you want them back on. Watch how quick they move then.

I have been done with my original sentence for years now. You would of thought they would of been a bit more prepared. Or, you would of thought the Court would of said you can’t use the registry until every one who is due relief receives it. I guess we just have to enjoy the Spring weather as we wait.

But I have a question though. If there is 20k of us plus or minus a few hundred, and Act 10 prevent 12,000 from being removed, where is PSP getting the fact that they have to review 17,000 people? Someone can’t do math.

How the hell PSP doesn’t get into trouble for slow walking their review? They told me it would cost way too much to remove people if they had to do it within a certain time frame. You should of thought about that when you illegally forced people to register when they didn’t have to.
I love it becuase when I first re registered in 2012(I already was off) they told me “We are PSP. We can do whatever we want”.

Also, why is it we have to wait to get our relief until PSP reviews our file. As soon as SCOTUS denied cert, they should of just turned off the website and blamed the courts.