Reply To: Proposed Kansas law conflates sexual offenses with murder


One has to feel sorry about someone killing another human being and when it involves a teenager gone bad that is a bit hard on everyone. Yes the law is there to protect and serve in this public type setting when one is involved in a murder type situation of this nature.
Of course their are alternative’s to everything. Yes police are their to protect and serve the public in public type settings. Sure its tough for adults that have to go thru some of these types of ordeals but anymore different states have different laws about these situations.
Anymore most states just dab you violent sex offender and that takes care of that whether you murdered someone, touched someone, or not. While I can’t judge another’s thinking or actions or reason’s. I’m sure we all have some sympathy and compassion or we all should. Sure warning the public is good in certain circumstances to help adjust one’s actions if that’s the action one wants to take but we all have to understand that no two people are the same.
We all do have a moral responsibility to help others but in this case I would have to just throw up my hands and say that would be a judgment call that can way on one’s conscious in this really bad circumstance.

I wouldn’t want to make that decision. I wouldn’t want to even make a decision on a lot of the people on here but killing is still killing and taking another person’s life.

Sandy that is a tough call as the boy still can be forgiven and also rehabilitated. Sure we all are born into trouble but but taking someone’s life is a call I would not want to make but for registry’s sake I can understand with this type of ordeal. But in the end for public safety’s sake that can be toss up its just like gun control also if one would like to say a registry for gun control. I don’t know about this new age world sometimes. I think if we all brought back some Christianity in the schools or morals things would be a lot different.