Reply To: Are we getting the biggest bang for our sexual offense prevention dollars?


Well Sandy you did it again with another impressive article on here. I know my comment with shelly’s article about the”me too” movement was more of a come down on that movement but the whole issue is about responsiblity. Sure we all have a responsiblity to be responsibe to our neighbor’s. I can see some reasoning in the ” me too” movement but thats a movement and a personal situation, although responsiblity is the key to a lot of things.

This article of Shelly’s is good plus some of your comments and others has really brought things to light. One of your comments on here is recidivism argnment will never win the day. I would have to agree with that and different results and different circumstances can also be a big factor also.

Now here I come into this situation on here with my little internet encounter to expresss my opinions about these ordeals, used a bit of gospel principals” and it seemed it made no sense at all. Even Maestro got a bit upset with me and you did also. Well we all have to learn to forgive.

The point of the whole thing is we as humans have to use the old testament principals as well, compare them with the new new testament. Sure we learn examples from the old and the new or should one use their liberty as a cloak of malice. Isnt’ that what they are doing in many of these sex offender ordeals? Now we can talk about welding the sword. vain or using the sword of the spirit or we can talk about how to deal with people, but like one person said on here ” Let God be true and every man a liar” I’ve even used that verse myself.

Now Sandy we are all here to help others and try to understand some of this situation and not to predict whats going to happen in the future. Sure we can all get off probation after a 10 yr. plea deal or something like that but are still under this slavery if that makes sense. Its all about principals. Remember all things are good but all things are not expedient.