Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


I do not trust them or anyone for one second who has you can ignore staying compliant. My attorney told me until they official process your relief, you don’t have any. Your previous letter that stated your terms remains in effect until you get a new one. A Court would most likely be hesitant to convict you, but do you want to spend the next year in jail. You disobeyed a court order by not staying current. No way they are going to give you cheap bail.

PSP claims their database is not set up to tell the difference between those who are due relief and those who are not. So, they have to do it by hand case by case. I said even if that is true there is only “x” total offenders,and you can process”y” amount of cases per day, and there is only “z” amount of work days in a month, so why can’t you give us an estimate of when you will be finished? I told them this is YOUR fault. You wanted to increase time, and add people who didn’t need to be there.

I think the court should of said, “Look you have “x” amount of days. Past this, we will fine you $100.00 per day per offender., and since you database can’t tell the difference, we will fine you per each and every offender regardless if they are due relief”. See how quick they figure it out.

I just don’t understand why the Courts are ok with them just taking their sweet time. As soon as SCOTUS denied Cert, they should of shut down the registry. Oh you can’t for public safety? Then made it available to law enforcement only. Then, you can take your sweet time, no one would care how long you took, becuase a background check would still inform a potential employer. That would undermine the public shaming, um I mean , the public safety aspect of it for the public.