Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Hey guys thank you for the cheering up head up high. You all know how frusteration gets with getting off the registry. You guys brought my hopes back up to par. Encouraging to look forward is a great deal. Those dark times of lost in hope is rough. But, the one thing i was told was its what has been created in the own mind of lost hopes. We cannot lose hope. Reason is this: dont want to lose track of good things in life. Strive for being free from the registery and not be in dark clouds. When we focus on good things the outcome becomes much greater and more focused to understand it really does take time to be off the registery. We can be more clear to understand if anything comes within the registry then we can understand how and when a bit more clear and sharp. Im seeing much larger numbers going down now on the registery. May perhaps monday one of us can recieve a letter. There is always rhe weekdays. The weekends i dont count much. Im assuming that they work on banking hours. If so than it makes since to take a bit of time to go threw everyone. Im glad to see some of the other states to see that things has to change for the better for other registrants. The witch hunt is pretty much dying out now as i dont see much of it going on nowadays. So yeah, looking at brighter side of things is really a good hopeful thing. Thank you guys so much! Big bro hugs to you guys! Yes, even to Narsol and their wonderful volunteers!!!!