Reply To: Are we getting the biggest bang for our sexual offense prevention dollars?


My dad use to say this to me “Pie are square and cornbread are round”. I never was into pie charts or figures and science sort of bored me. Man seems to figure out all this but they can’t figure out the human conscience because they didn’t make it or create it.

Now Raymond’s comment up there has a good ring to it and also some of this sex offender is unjust. As far as my PO goes he just walks out of my house. Believe it or not PO’s are just doing their job. He even tells me I’m different from some of the others he tends to on a monthly basis but he doesn’t open up and says very little and he I guess watches for me to slip or say the wrong word or I feel like he’s probing me when he comes to do his monthly visits.

I’m sure a lot of you all feel that way also but each to his or own circumstances in these situations that are wrong in a lot of ways. Now who would manipulate another to be honest? Sure we have enough crime in this world. If a crime is using a potty mouth than I’m sure we all would be in jail or a prison.

Sure science does has some advantages to those who think.. I’m sure people wondered how fire was started by rubbing rocks together. We’ve came a long way since, but the story’s we hear on here in these comments are of a human nature that effects all. Now I believe in Justice but fair justice. Answer me this if one dedicates their profession to their creator. Shouldn’t they obey the instructions of that creator or has man run amuck in a lot of these cunning sex offender ordeals?