Reply To: Are we getting the biggest bang for our sexual offense prevention dollars?


Raymond L Shaffer

I agree with all of what has been researched.
Let alone those convicted via ple agreement, cause they bolster charges and use fear tactics by hanging decades of years over ones head and giving lil to no time. Most people dont even understand the dynamics of all of this unconstitutional laws placed on american citizens.
But i beleive many people are waking up to the fact our goverment and judicial system is not constitutional.
If goverment and judicial systems are alowed to abuse any person or group, it will not be long before they come after you.
If you think the judicial system is always fair and correct. Just ask Rosie Parks who placed her in jail and for why. The constitution and the word of God is clear and unchangeable.
Peoples prejudice and preconcived ideas are ever changing.
Yes one day all who claims or have beared the sword of judgement in vain or in a unreasonable and unrighteous way, will be judge in same manner.
Today those that laugh will morn.
Officers that come to my house or laughing and making jokes about many things that have nothing to do with any law or criminal activity but cause they can come in my home with out a warrant or supervision i have to humbly sit by and allow it.
Nothing out of ordinary ever found, cause iam not a criminal.
But people in power think they are doing the work of God, but oppresion and destruction is not of a loving heavenly Father but is of the devil.
One day every man will give an account for what they have done in this body.
On that day their will be no defence of human law to protect.
So remember this Jesus was clear, do unto others as you would want men to do to you.
Jesus said hang all the law and the prophets on these 2 things.
Love the lord your God with all your heart mind and soul and love others the same.
All the law and the prophets on those 2 things. That is a lot of weight and responsibility on 2 lil commandmandments.
But children of the most high God, remember this, vengance is mine, I will repay saith God.
And will God avenge His elect, yes He will avenge them speedily.
God will bring to judgement every tounge that has come against his children.
Remember, apostle pauls words by the Holy Spirit.
Christ Jesus came to save sinners of whom iam cheif.
Repent and receive the Lord Jesus Christ and you to will receive the Holy Spirit.
This promise is to YOU your children and your childrens children as many as the Lord your God shall call.
Let God be true and every man a liar.
One last thing.
If you dont forgive then God will not forgive.
You self righteous people.
If someone followed you around with a camera what darkness would the world see.
Cause true spirit filled peoole are about redemption and reciciliation the the most High God.
Thank you Jesus.
You are King of kings and Lord or lords.
And the Kingdoms of this world will be the kingdoms of our God and His Christ.