Reply To: Are we getting the biggest bang for our sexual offense prevention dollars?

Debra Welsh

I have another segment to add to this – my son was incarcerated for having child pornography – was given 10 years in federal prison – did his time there went to his halfway residency did well there and released – this November will be his third year out. In that time he has managed to find employment, has taken college courses so that he can find better employment, has found social activities he can be safe at, has a vehicle and with our help was able to purchase a house (his name is solely on the mortgage). He attends church, goes to his group meetings as required and meets with his counselor once a week – he is following all the rules the best he can and he is up front and honest if his past needs to be revealed he was doing good and it actually looked like life was going to be good to him, then his PO ruined it for him. Prior to him moving into his home he was living with his brother so he reported to the PO for that district never had a problem then once he moved his district changed which meant he had to report to a different PO – for nearly two months he was in limbo his original PO had no jurisdiction over him and the new one was out on medical leave. A month or so after he moved to his house a friend gave him a computer that had been “cleaned” so there was nothing on it that would get my son into trouble – he checked with his original PO and he more or less gave him an ok so my son went ahead and put the computer together – all he wanted it for was for word processing and to set up a balance sheet so he could keep track of his finances – he didn’t have any internet capability on it period. About a month after that his new PO made a house call and saw the computer and asked my son what was on it – he told her then he went about showing her that it was not capable of getting into the internet which meant he couldn’t get into any social sites or download anything or even go into things like Utube, the PO left without saying much of anything at that time, another visit was made to the house and the PO told my son that he had to get rid of the computer or get internet placed on it so they could place a monitoring system on it to make sure he wasn’t going into places he shouldn’t be – he didn’t want to do that – all he wanted was to keep it as he had it but the PO insisted so he did what the PO requested. Now he’s possibly in trouble because he happed to go into Utube and of course the monitoring system made the alert and now things are starting to fall apart. He immediately contacted his counselor so they could meet and in a few weeks he will be meeting with his PO to discuss what was found on the system and if any of it is questionable. Because of the instance of the PO to “get” internet so they could “monitor” him he has a chance of losing just about everything – from what my son has told me he may have to report to a judge and if the judge is in a crappy mood could order him either back to the halfway residence for a few months or possibly back to jail not only that the church he was attending who knew of his past has asked him not to return because he is under investigation – a place that one is to feel safe. Now we, his family, sit in limbo while we wait to see which way this will go. They the justice department says they want people like my son to succeed in life and want them to make a new start but I so disagree with this – this PO to me, wanted to see if my son would fail and she gave him the tool to do so – he was very happy and I mean VERY happy with how his life was going and he was pursuing every avenue to do so – he lives alone and each day I wake up hoping and praying that I hear his voice that day for it sure could go the other way when a system tends to work against you.