Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian
I am off the registry because of what I been telling you about a Mandamus. You don’t have to be a lawyer. . . I had a practice mandamus in here that they said was practicing law. I wish you could remember Chuck saying all would beat me off the registry.

He was joking I know but I have not done all ten years – They let me off with time still remaining – because they understand where I am going if I get a judicial determination.

I am going to the PASC and I will fight to get oral argument before that Court and I will tell it – as a statesmen – on using Reed as my base case.

Muniz is a good case for ex post facto – The punitive element may hit hard – but Commonwealth v. J.B. on juvenile sex offenders says ex post facto claim do not need a punitive element to win on retroactive application of a new law on Pre-SORNA people.

A mandamus will have you off this registry in 30 days. It is the way to go. A cease and desist letter is not going to go far with the PSP they only listen to the PAG of Harrisburg. That is why as out of state your must file mandamus – don’t need no money – just file clumsy writ and the Court will under stand what you are saying.

Te PSP is not letting any more off until they are force to by a challenge in court. I told you about the need for a judicial determination. I am still fighting for mine. They let me off hoping I will stop filing shit in court. If you can go to the commonwealth court docket and find my case under docket 463 MD 2017 it is a case that the PAG is trying to say is moot because they let me off the registry. But just letting me off is not the only issue that I claimed in my mandamus. I asked for money and that can never be made MOOT.