Reply To: Sex offenders — decision needed


Decisions Needed: You know we can all talk about gun control and this person doing this and that and other crime and so forth but decision making is an art in itself. I know I talk about the bible on here at times but it seems that we all appear to make our own decision and with a lot of this sex offender ordeal we all need to speak up.
Even the bible says there is not a just person on the face of the earth that doeth good and sinnith not. Just because police officers are ordained doesn’t mean they still dont’ have sin does it?. While a lot of people were caught up in all this we should all address this as discernment and be discrete about this. Remember – those who didicate their profession to God and have an oath to go by.

Now to be rational about a lot of this sex offender ordeal one has to understand the true nature of all this. Who is deceiving in all this? Who is one protecting in this? Who is going against the Ten Commandments. While police have authority in a lot of these operations they are going above authority with these internet sex sting operations. Just like the woman caught in adultry she could have been 16 but the point is. Jesus said Go sin no more.
See those in authority at the time were trying to “trick” Jesus and his authority. See in these sex sting operations over the internet they “trick” one into thinking and use excessive bait to get you to talk to them. Under aged Girls shouldn’t be on adult chat sites. Even a lot of adults shouldn’t be on adult chat sites but who has the bigger load on their conscious. Sure sin is always going to be their but with authorities they need to obey God’s rules.
So tell me people what was Jesus trying to teach the Pharisee’ and the town’s people and the men that set up this trickery?

Now Sandy says she needs decisions and what better example than from the bible. Government authorities are not always understandible about these matters but if one uses biblical knowledge they should understand that we are all sinners.

So tell me how can you protect an iminagary person that one assumes they are talking to? Are all these tricks of a devilish nature? Yes we all can talk about hard core things but being unjust and in a law enforcement capiacity it is totally unjust in many of these cases. In other words people are “we not all sinners ” or is the Government Immune to all this? and I’m talking about true Government. Protecting and serving is one thing but when one goes against God’s principals than we all need to speak up on this. Remember we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood. NARSOL is doing a good job but still Sandy needed some more decisions and input about these operations which are devilish by nature. Seems man control over the weak and oppressed in these scheme’s. Giving them the opportunity and creating the allusion that they are portarying.