Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Pretty much it has gone cold and dark in here along with Parsol and a few other sites. There is really nothing much going on except numbers jumble around on the psp website. I myself had lost a lot of hope to be getting off the registry. It has been far more than a fair amount of time to hwt people off the registry. Each day i check on tje registry once a day now. If that. I had not heard anything much from anyone nor anything come about. Psp and DA are quite left everyone in the dark. All we can do is just say its all bs on psp and DA to keep things in the dark. I pretty much giving up on reading Narsol and Parsol web site blog stuff. I havnt been on for a bit to see whats going on. Cause its just dark dead and cold in here. I might just completely forget anything that happen to get off the registry. Just feeling a bit let down but hey thats just me.