Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz



Ok, PSP is not sending out letters and WE are to go even if we don’t get a reminder letter because we have too because they are too busy doing something that should not take that long.
I know a database search would not take this long. PSP knew who has to be removed 5 min after the ruling from SCOTUS came down. They actually knew 5 min after Muniz came down. Nothing has changed there since the 19th of July. The people who are coming off now were to going to come off in July. They just didn’t want to believe that Muniz would be upheld. In a way, PASC citing the US Constitution caused this because it gave Freed grounds to go there.

Oh well, I digress. I will be there at the PSP barracks on the 16th unless I get a letter before that. I check every day to see if I am still on the website.