Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz

Joey Bag o Doughnuts

Brian do a search of non compliant you will see it keeps going up almost no absconded people left that are pre SORNA that updated after Muniz. My guess is they are taking the time to put someone up as non compliant and ignoring they are finished with their reg time and not doing a review. The new amendments are effective now replacing old sections of the SORNA law. Section H and I say that they do not apply to you if you have finished your time under an old law. All they can do now is illegally keep you on the site and list you as non compliant. No DA is going to sign off on charges and if they did they know the judge would order the person taken off the reg. I am going to call the PSP then the DA My yearly date is soon. I will be asking if I need to comply because the new act 10 clearly says I do not have to reg. This all goes back to a lawsuit we should have teamed up on months ago but people that knew they were staying on the reg were telling us to sit tight and don’t worry about it. If we go update now we will be signing we agree to the new law I do not think that is a wise decision. Its easy for people to say oh just go update but they all will be under the new law we are not legally in anyway obligated to reg until they say we are. Not the other way around. Why else do you think no one is getting letters to update? Because they can’t tell us to register.