Reply To: Guns and sexual offenders: strange bedfellows?


I believe were all missing the point with this sex offender thing and this gun control. The main point I all this is “control”. Sure we have certain standards to live by but killing someone isn’t the way to do it. Sure they can say this is for public safety but where was public safety when that person blew away those kids at school?
Now public safety is good but where do you draw the line. Does one control others by this deceptive device of this internet ordeal.

Common sense is thou shall not bear false witness. What happens in public is an entirely different matter than getting snagged up thru an internet device. True law enforcement does not and should not set up or lie to snag another with a false underhanded trick such as these endeavors.

Sex offenders getting snared in these traps are unbiblical and sense those police dedicate their profession to God, they in themselves are breaking God’s laws and commandments.

Justice without Christian ethics isn’t justice unless one speaks up about all this. We have thousands of people that have been caught up in all this internet endeavor by those police that dupe one in these encounters. Who can justify another? Yes, man is responsible for his “actions” and also to obey the law. Now in these internet encounters who is playing the devil. Would a man of God give one an opportunity such as this? Remember God is not the author of evil no would he want his servants to do evil. Setting one up is evil no matter how one writes the book.

How can one control Gun laws of a public nature. It is all in the character and the mind of oneself. Yes character goes a long way and character and strength comes from the bible. Man will learn that controlling others isn’t what Gods purpose on this earth is all about. I believe we all should believe God’s lesson’s than man’s don’t you all agree.