Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


Well, it is Mar 1, in 14 days one of two things will happen. I will get a letter from MLS of PSP telling me I have to report to my local PSP barracks to update my current info or I am being removed from the registry. I was released from SCI in Mar. 2007 with a 10yr registration requirement. SNORA came along and I was uptiered to lifetime. Last February I received a letter informing me I was reclassified to a tier 2. Then Muniz came down. I have been down once again in September but this was expected since Freed was playing his game. Now since Act 10 of 2018 is law I don’t know which way is up. In 2004, when I was convicted both, offenses were 10 yr registration. So I believe I should be removed. But when?? I see the total number of absconded folks has dropped by about half since the denial of cert. Can anyone figure out where I stand?