Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


It’s a little erie lately, it got dark and cold alof a sudden, I did go talk to a lawyer even when people said not to, I told him what about filing a cease and desist letter to PSP, the lawyer laughed and said it’s in the DA’s hands that has control of who’s on and who’s off, not psp, the PAG took you off though, I’m out of state offender as well, I was convicted in CO whose also in a winning fight on SO issues, the lawyer said he had to talk to the DA this past Monday, he hasn’t heard back from the DA yet he said the DA has to do so investigating to find out why I had to register when it clearly said in my plea agreement that we are not requesting that MR Brian ——- register as a sex offender, I think when I moved to pa the probation mandated me to register but never said a word to me about it, I had mail in reporting when I moved it pa, it was on a deferred sentence, I completed probation without being violated, 4 years later the detective showed up on my door telling me to go to the PSP because I had to register, now they have to find out why, I could have a lawsuit that may strike national headlines if they ruined my life over a typo, but I don’t want to go through that, I just want to be done this bullshit registry..