Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson


Where did everyone sleep off to? The Pa. Assembly and all it’s efforts to make two Megan’s Law ‘s set standard in the Commonwealth is crazy. I came from Texas. That state never bought into SORNA or AWA because every thing is big in Texas. The state sees big and they saw that problems with SORNA and AWA to wit that it will never fit in the muster of constitutional acceptance.

There is ever gonna’ be a challenge, and re-adjust fight. Texas has a CCP chapter 62 sex offender code that changes so much because within the state – The CCP chapter 62 is challenged so much in the Austin Court of appeals and CCP is attacked to force Legislation change. Texas as old law and new law sex offender rules that if SORNA was ever adopted – The Constitutional muster outside the state would would reach the SCOTUS and that is not what they want.

Texas wants in house controls and that is what they have. PA on the other hand is not too bright on these things. . . . Pa. thinks it needs to protect a public that are in ignorance of who is on their Sex registration registry. The people of the Commonwealth are kept in the dark by what is call “Irrefutable Presumption of Correctness” Sex Offenders are not given a due process right within the classification process that the PSP go through to classify sex offenders.

The trail court has a limited in put to have a hearing on Sex offenders – But that hearing is based on the same Irrefutable Presumption of Correctness that just the fact of being founs guilty or a plea deal will land one on the Pa. registry without a fact based analysis case be case to show that all RSO’s are not the monstrous people depicted by the classification of PSP. The limited due process hearing is on S V P and that is now under attack and being heard at the PASC now.

The Pa. Sex offender registry is on its last leg. The HB 631 and who knows what happened to HB 1952. A friend of mine on here said it best – THE REGISTRY IN PA. WILL BE GONE IN ABOUT 5 YEARS. Put me down on that fact as agreeing. I file a Mandamus Writ it worked I have been taken off I did not need a lawyer – But But But I still face a Pa. Assembly that that wants the pre-SORNA people to return to Irrefutable Presumption of Correctness and civil collateral consequence on needing a punitive claim of punishment by the standard of the Pa. Assembly’s standard to make New Megan’s Law requirement that are not too onerousness to violate retroactive applications of their new laws to reach back and put all Pre-Law people on their radar to keep them under Megan’s Law’s requirements.

The best case in the Commonwealth has been heard . Commonwelath v. Reed. The PASC on the same day as MUNIZ gave this ruling that The Pa’ New HB 631 and HB 1952 cannot not avoid being taken down when it’s muster challenges get back to the PASC. The PASC in the overwhelming vote for change spoke in its decisions on Muniz- Reed – Wolf _ Neiman – Bulter – Williams – Need I go on? When I was in Texas I recall the Court fights I was helping Sex offenders win and I was only Texas inmate in a law library getting wins not being a lawyer. I am not a lawyer but I am knowledgeable on all this to know what is going on – Notice that no lawyers dare to come on here and refute what I been saying. . . . . YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY? They all are down on what they should be up on when it come to Sex Offender’s rights. We have to band together and come to trust each other = more than layers – Know what you believe- why you believe it and where it is at in the law of rights. THANKYOU.