Reply To: Watch Debate – Should the Sex Offender Registry be Abolished?


I was convicted in 2012 after a 2009 search warrant. I’m a recovering sex addict that after nearly a decade of porn, began viewing child porn. I was also a nurse and as such, sought out evidence based research on sex crimes, sex addiction and anything that remotely is associated to my addiction and crime. I found it sad that Marcie was unable to name the studies she referred to in nothing more than a general way. Where as Emily clearly identifies her sources. I’m grateful that small as it may seem, there is positive movement in SO laws. Marcie, to me was spewing fear and falsehoods that have lead us down a dangerous and unfair path of punishment for any sex offender. Should I have been punished for possessing child pornography? Yes! Should I be on lifetime supervision and 25 years registration? No.

On another point. My state does treat sex offenders in prison and post release. Treatment that is evidence based and effective.

Lastly, had I not pleaded guilty on two counts of possession of child pornography, I would have been tried on three counts of possessions and three counts of solicitation of a minor. I was looking at a minimum of 15 years with the possibility of 25. I was advised by an arbitration judge to take a plea of 42 months even though is was only guilty of the possession. He told me and my attorney that guilt didn’t matter. I can’t win in my state on either charge and even innocent, take the plea. Instead, my friends, family, therapists and the agency that did the sex offender evaluation begged the assistant district attorney to hear my story of addiction and as a result, I took a plea of 24 months and served 18 months. A fraction of the possible 15-25 years. At the beginning, my lawyer informed me that my case was not about right and wrong but politics and money. The tactic is pile on the charges and get a lesser plea. Having a high conviction rate is more important that serving justice. The ADA even told my attorney, he will go to prison, I can’t run for DA some day after letting a sex offend off the hook. Blind Justice. You decide for your self what that blindness means.