Reply To: How one lawyer proves her faith in criminal rehabilitation


Sticks and stones can breck my bones but manes will never hurt me. I like linda’s answer – True Facts Now what if I started calling every woman a b****? – Why. Sandy you’ve have asked a million dollar queation. I suppose their is always going to be a why question. To me why is like probing in a way. such as why are you doing this and why are you doing that. Nobody is a human robot or programed like others. Would one want to be like some would like those under this sex offender law to be? And all this time I thought we were all off to see the wizzard looking for a brain. Questions such as why do we want to go to the moon. Why do we want to shoot someone.

A why question has two answer. Either one doesnt’ think they are good enough to stand up by themselves or that they think they are better than the other because they didn’t geet drunk, come home drunk stole something. and so forth.
In these sex ordeals it is a question of why? Why would people overthrow another? Why do people purchase guns or look at porno or even look think they are better than someone else.. Man in his or her human wisdom has always wanted to throw down on other. Its the conquor and divide theory, its part of human nature. Why do we all argue with each other. Sure they can tell you its for public safety but in reality thats man’s or police and governments way of justifying themselves and keeping the america public controlled by this. Are we not all carnal by nature?

Hey my school days are gone and I never took a psychology course if I remember that far back. Sometimes one could say a lot of this “why” is bull @hit but its standing up for the truth is whatreally counts or standing up for that other person. Should others they say why me when this could be me. Can you all say why me for being stupid and getting on the internet or doing a hoochie couchie dance with some teenager because that person is inducing this opportunity to trap you with this devlish device. Man has always wanted to control man. Even thinking that that one blew it and the whole world is coming down on them. Folks stand up for justice and truth.

Just like a prison door, it opens and closes the same way and thats reality does and when one’s mind shuts off to that reality than were is caring come in. So if anyone wants to give up on oneself than no one’s to blame but yourself. If the good Lord can give second and third chances than I’m sure each one of you all can say redress of grivance and take this negative experience and make it a positive opportunity and speak up about all this in todays society.