Reply To: How one lawyer proves her faith in criminal rehabilitation


I took you advice and read the comments. You are right, quite interesting indeed. In particular this comment struck me, “Do they (victims) get to just forget about it and start over and go on with thier lives after something so horrible has happened to them? I don’t see how everyone can defend these sort of people, people who would do something like that to a child.”

To just forget? As though offenders simply go from point A to point B without consequence is juvenile thinking. Not excusing or negating actions of the offender, simply recognizing that a large number undergo extreme life altering events ranging from court proceedings, alienation from both friends & family, loss of income, living restrictions, public registration, etc. My point, offenders don’t just forget and move on. Second, the notion that all offenses involve children shows ignorance, leading to labeling a;ll offenders as pedophiles.

Finally, any offender that has not repented, has not learned from their experience, has not committed to never offending again, then I say you should never be released. Then there is NO need for a registry. But let the rest move forward and have life, liberty, and ability to pursue happiness.