Reply To: Guns and sexual offenders: strange bedfellows?

Terry H.

First I never said it was BS, I said “TO AVOID” the BS and what you posted on the Florida law is based on someone on Probation or Parole of which I am not nor am I from Florida.. Another point is to do you homework before you travel. I am glad you know your laws and have done your homework. I have too and I have been off paper for over 4 years and travel monthly all over this country and have NEVER had any issues. Yes I have read these stories on here of those having issues and I am sorry for them but the fact is that once you are off paper, off parole /probation and in my state Conditional Release ( which can be 5 years after incarceration ) of which I did not have, you can travel where ever you want with the exception of a Playground, School, Daycare. As far as Florida, I will never go there simply because of the structure of the laws there, but that does not mean that someone from Florida can’t travel where they want after they are released from supervision. Based on what you are saying is appears that after prison in Florida, you can never go anywhere or do any travel at all or are you saying if you are on paper? We are all on the same team here and I simply stated my personal experience and did not down play anyone in any way.. what I said was this: ” If you are on vacation you can see that is would not be difficult to plan well and avoid the BS ” just do your homework before travel and avoid the BS.