Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


To All,
A timeline it takes for a post to be approved depends on if a moderator is available. We have to log in and check for posts just like someone would log in to check their email. Same concept. There are periods of the day where no one is available to check for posts, so that creates a backlog. I generally like to check once an hour for posts when I can. Between Church(Thurs eve and Sat Morn) and school (every day) I have blocks of time I can’t check for posts. Fred, Robin, and Sandy try to fill in where they can, however, their focus is primarily on other administrative duties. I am not saying they do not moderate posts, it justs there is other stuff they need to do as well. Not to mention as volunteers they have other professional obligations as well outside of Narsol. We all have to eat!!
Generally, mid-mornings, 9am-12pm is a so-so time for me. More leaning to a bad time than a good time for looking at posts. If I have to talk to professors etc, this is when I usually do it. I try to stay on top of it to keep the conversation flowing. Balancing everything is an art. Of course, as a student, there is where most of my time goes. I hope this helps. Just a FYI.