Reply To: Guns and sexual offenders: strange bedfellows?


You are so right Candice and even Maestro is right up there. Now Sandy brought this to all of our attention and yes we are all sex offenders. Now how does all this jive with each other…Actions? One was a physical ordeal and the other was a mind bending via the internet or some uncontrollable event. Now this thing about going from state to state and this and that states laws don’t really justify the cause or the means.
People should be responsible for gun use. Hey would anyone give Otis Campbell a gun as a town drunk might kill for his next bottle. Sure the laws should be the same in every state and sure the sex offender shouldn’t have to go thru his or her ordeal, which ever the case may be. Answer me this…. In the end… Who’s gonna get justice from this Guy that shot those kids in Florida, or maybe it was the one that shot those people in church last year. The answer the Government is gonna get the justice or should those people in Florida take him behind the wood shed.
And here’s the poor little sex offender grasping for straws that didn’t kill anyone, just got duped up on the internet or touched someone’s daughter and they go ballistic instead of talking and trying to forgive before they get the law involved.
Sure this ordeal hurts me as I’m sure it does others, its like its not fair. Now I don’t like a lot of things about the law but its the best we have. Now yes we do need change and NARSOL is there to help us all and Sandy and the others have some pretty good articles that make one stop and try to understand all this. Sorry if I get steamed up a bit about these things but it seems everybody is suffering over this on here.