Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Patrick
This is terry brunson – I got a phone call from the PAG lawyer lady on my case- She asked me please not to give a notice of appeal yet until the PSP figure out my tolling time and she will give an amended answer to the court in 14 days.

I think what she is saying is that the letter the PSP sent me did not mean to say please be advised that in the future terry brunson will be back on the registry.

I don’t think PSP of the PAG want me in court. They have called me to help settle me down from filing appeal.

I am looking over”voluntary cessation” as an exception to mootness – I filed 21 Feb 2018 at case 463 MD 2017 commonwealth court in Harrisburg.

I am looking at appeal issue on PSP showing CAPABLE OF REPETITION by putting me back on the registry in the future. I think they used “Voluntary Cessation” to evade case law review of my case for others to get help off the registry by case T.P.B. v PSP. This is an exception to mootness – The PSP think that my case is moot because they took me off.

If they put me back on my Muniz protection will not help me. But Commonwealth v. Reed will.

PSP voluntary cessation is a prejudice way of keeping the court out of it by a judicial determination.

I think I may be over reacting – I should just wait and see if I am picked to go back on to say anything. But I can see it happening. The PSP took me off – and gave me a new SID # number. I asked why? They said that I am priorty to keep up with – WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?