Reply To: Passport requirement casts wide net, imposes badge of shame

a man without a country

Just saw your post. I am in a similar boat. Required to register for life. Have kept my nose clean for almost 20 years. Had my advanced degrees prior to my mistake. Moved overseas and started a new life. This month, I was going to make a trip back to the US to deal with my last parent’s estate but was prevented from taking my usual route back through Korea on Korean Airlines.

In the last three weeks, I’ve been reading about this passport identifier. My passport was issued in Jan 2015, and I have traveled on it since, but only this month did I have an issue at check in here in SE Asia. Now, I also see stuff from back there and here about trying to stop RSOs from marrying foreigners. Well, they’re about 11 years too late for that.

I am on knife’s edge about my annual retirement visa renewal later this year. Never had a problem with immigration in this country, but I sense an end to my family life here and that I might become a man without a country. I’ve actually been thinking of traveling via cargo ship, but would port authority see something when they scan my passport and I couldn’t even get on a boat with a bunch of tennis shoes?

Just issue me a cyanide pill and/or a revolver with one bullet. I’m ready to end my misery.