Reply To: SCOTUS Denies to Hear Muniz


So if I am reading this info correctly, I now have to wait for the DA in my County to say it is ok to change me back to 10 years (I was sentenced 8/2011)?
Another question, a Jim B. gave me an answer earlier (February 15, 2018) and stated “Carl that is what it looks like as long as your two 10yr offenses were not conviction then reoffended then conviction. You should come off after your ten years is up.” that got me looking into things. When SORNA started I didn’t think much about it (I was changed from 10 yrs to tier 2 25 yrs) but I plead guilty to one count of 18 § 6312 §§ C1 Dissem Photo/Film (Covered by SORNA) and one count 8 § 7512 §§ A Criminal Use Of Communication Facility (not covered as far as I know). Jim said two 10 year offenses, I only have the one 10 year offense (as far as I can see).
Either way, if changed back I understand I still have a little less than three years left (if changed back).

Any way. Good luck to all!!