Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


To All,
I have gone out of my way to not censor anyone’s opinion. As long as everyone is respectful to each other, does not spam the site, or try to promote a commercial interest on this site, I let the post stand. Also, we cannot practice law on this site. Perhaps, Fred, Robin, and Sandy will not agree with my actions. I am sure they will let me know if that is true. Just so everyone knows, 99.99% of all posts that have been posted since I started, has been approved by me. So please do not think one mod is treating you differently than another.
I think some is confusing disagreement with censorship. Just because a post that takes the opposite view you hold is approved, that does not mean you are being censored. I have not given mp opinion either explicitly or through the approval of posts process.
Except for some confusion over dup posts, a tech issue with a post, and one obvious inappropriate post which did not involve anyone here, I cannot think of one post that has been denied censored.
I do not mind a difference of opinion. Let’s please remember to continue to love each other.