Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ All

A 2018 law cannot be used to cover past offenses with present law requirements – only those forward of the enacted law are effected to follow that new law. That is law school 101. It’s a time of craziness in Pa. – – – – The PSP the PAG, and the Commonwealth courts are all in a desire to find a solution to the ex post facto definition to apply.

Black’s Law Dictionary gave it but all the people that read it don’t want to accept it to apply to SO’s They have a irrebutable presumption that Sex Offenders are a danger to the Pa. public with no evidence of what they are saying about sex offenders.

ACT 10 will meet its challenge at the PASC they have to clear it all up.

I am off the registry now – I think it had much to do with the Muniz case – but Act 10 will reverse that and I will have to fight some more. . . . terry brunson I will be the lawyer Pro se