Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Lol jim, your telling chuck to stop and he being unfair. I think chuck is in the right. You do know he is part of Narsol right. Lol. You do know that he has every right to say what he said right. Chuck has been on here giving out his thoughts, facts, opinions from the beginning of this artical. He moved on to be a part of Narsol and to help monitor everything. All chuck said was be nice and respect and chill as a reminder for everyone. It is just based on a generalization of reminders and may he read something that was a bit on the debate side. But, you jim please respect chuck. Jim, you havnt been on this as long. I been on here from the beginning too. But, for you to tell chuck that if your words are a bit harsh. You are lucky on well never mind about the lucky part. You should respect and apoligize to Chuck. He did nothing wrong. So now the ball is in your court jim. Well Jim, apoligise to chuck. If you dont than i guess your just bluntly in the wrong