Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Jim B

Pat re read what I said please. Like I said you are confusing inalienable rights with a vested right. Muniz and Reed vested our rights to get off the reg Also taking your hearsay from a judge after what you said the PSP told you is not a wise decision. Imagine a big lake filled with rights all sewed on to life VESTS that we can not access until a group of Judges decides to hand us one. The courts decision in Muniz and Reed is like a password you can give the judges now in order to hand out a life vest. So you go to the judges handing out the life VESTs and they say whats the pass word? All you have to say is Muniz or Reed and they hand you a vest Now you’re VESTED. Before you could say give me a vest and they would say not without the password. Get it? The password for the reputation, and ex post facto punishment protection is Muniz and Reed pass it along.