Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

Jim B

Pat you’re not looking at things right Answer a question that will help Where does a vested right come from? Could it be that before Muniz PSP interpreted the SORNA law as civil and not punitive and thats how they justified putting pre SORNA people on the new SORNA law with enhancements? So now Muniz and Reed decisions have gave us a vested right due to the court ruling calling it punitive now we have the right to equal protection reputation vested from those cases Don’t you see that? It only becomes vested once the court ruled it is now punishment which triggered the rights that we did not have before the ruling. The new law has not been tested yet but it doesn’t change the fact that people now have vested rights from Muniz and Reed against any law they throw at us now that has punitive effects in it. Just because the legislature thinks the new laws will past muster doesn’t take away the vested rights from those decisions. Just pretend they didn’t pass any amendments to the SO laws wouldn’t we still have the vested rights against them passing anything that violates them? Everyone knows they can put someone back on reg if they haven’t finished their time PSP hasn’t removed anyone but Terry early so why would you say that everyone is going back on reg? Don’t pretend you didn’t say that now because you did If PSP took people off they are not going back on because they already finished their time.